About Mark Dodosh

Over the course of more than three decades I had the privilege of running newsrooms for two great media organizations, Dow Jones & Co. and Crain Communications Inc. (you can check out my bio on LinkedIn). My goals as a leader were to honor Jesus Christ with how I represented Him in the workplace and to strive for excellence by following the apostle Paul’s admonition to “work heartily as for the Lord and not for men.”

I was not a perfect leader because I am not a perfect man. However, I succeeded far more than I failed in achieving those goals by applying biblical principles to my work life. The writings in this blog are an effort to share what I’ve learned in order to light a path to the wisdom that the Bible contains for how to conduct ourselves when we are “on the clock,” and even when we are not.

4 thoughts on “About Mark Dodosh

  1. Mark: Loved your fist post so much that I forwarded it to the other officers in my professional association. A good read and not too long.


  2. Mark: These thoughts need to resurface from time to time to remind us that we are all in this together. Good blog, keep them coming! Bob and Mary


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