I positively love those positive energy peeps!

I’ve never met Telisa Hall, but I bet she is the type of “positive energy” person whom I would have loved to have on our staff during my 25 years as editor of Crain’s Cleveland Business, a weekly business newspaper in Cleveland.

That thought came to mind as I wolfed down a Chicken Philly sub during a layover at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. I was eating the sub in the small dining area at Charleys Philly Steaks, which sits by Gate C13, when I noticed a plaque on the wall that recognized the “Team Member of the Month” for each month of 2017.

Telisa Hall’s name appears on the plaque four times; only one other name appears on that plaque more than once.

Now I don’t imagine anyone is pulling down a six-figure salary working at Charleys. It’s more likely that Telisa and her co-workers are earning something closer to minimum wage for their labors.

Nevertheless, it is apparent that Telisa gives her job her best efforts even though she isn’t about to get rich doing it.

I suspect a big reason Telisa has earned the recognition that she has at Charleys is because she radiates what I call “positive energy.”

Bosses love positive energy people. For one thing, their uplifting spirits help create a good vibe in the workplace.

For another, they serve as great examples for their co-workers to follow when it comes to the enthusiasm they bring to their work.

Jesus spoke of this type of positive energy when he told His followers to “let your light shine before others.”¬†Jesus knew that in a dark world people are drawn to the light, and that people who radiate light from within can light the way for others to a relationship with God.

The principle is no different in the workplace. Positive energy people can light the way for their co-workers, which is why they are valuable assets in any work setting and why I’d welcome a Telisa Hall on my team any day of the week.


EXTRA DOSE: It’s my belief that it’s hard to emit light without a source of energy inside. You can’t give what you don’t have, which is why it’s important to find resources that can enlighten your mind and energize your spirit.

For me, those resources include regularly attending a church where the wisdom of the Bible is presented in ways that help me learn and grow, and reading books such as those written by the great C.S. Lewis that build upon the truth of the Scriptures.

Another “positive energy” resource I highly recommend is reading “Mental Snacks,” a monthly, inspiration-filled email produced by my longtime friend Julio Melara.

Julio’s upbeat, infectious management style is one reason for the success of Louisiana Business Inc., a publishing company in Baton Rouge, and he never fails to give readers of Mental Snacks something to chew on (yes, the pun is intended).

To begin receiving Mental Snacks free of charge, simply visit Julio’s website and hit the “Subscribe” button near the bottom of the home page. Fill out the form and you’re good to go.


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